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Phone: 0401 734 481 | Adelaide, SA | Web:

We offer Savannah kittens from the highest quality bloodlines in a breeding program that is unparalleled in this country.

Savannah Cats Down Under is curretly taking reservations for 2009. This is your chance to own your own unique Savannah kitten with dramatic markings and its own history of wild Africa. For more information please see our website.

Savannah Cats Down Under

Phone: 0431 964 166 | Apt 1, 284 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC | Web:

Free classified pet listings for lost and found pets, pets available for adoption and pets for sale from registered breeders. Pet advice and resources to help you find a pet, Australia's online home for all things pets!

Lost pets, found pets, pets available for adoption and sale

Where Pets Are Found is Australia’s newest and (we think!) the coolest online pet classifieds website specifically designed for creating listings of lost pets, found pets and pets that are available for adoption and for breeder pets for sale. Where Pets Are Found is dedicated to reuniting lost and found pets with their owners, as well as finding pets available for adoption new homes! And the best thing of all, Where Pets Are Found is an Aussie owned website and 100% free!

Lost Pets
There is nothing like that sinking feeling of having lost a pet. As Australians, we love our pets and they often become an integral part of our family, so to lose part of your family is very distressing! When this occurs, finding your pet is a priority and Where Pets Are Found is dedicated to assisting you with this task. Our lost listings are 100% free of charge and will remain advertised on Where Pets Are Found until your pet is safe and sound and back at home.

In addition, each and every one o....

Breeders Collingwood
Where Pets Are Found

Phone: 0414 403 246 | Guildford, NSW

Currellen is a small hobby cattery in Guildford, Sydney NSW. We breed 10 colours in the Burmese cat & several shades in the Shorthair Burmilla. Kittens are lovingly house raised for caring INDOOR ONLY homes and are ALL DESEXED,vaccinated & micro-chipped.

Burmese Cats/Kittens Guildford Burmilla Cats/Kittens Guildford

Phone: 0450 863 683 | Baldivis, WA

Registered Breeder located in Baldivis, Perth WA, specialising in Beautiful Playful Ragdolls

Perth Baldivis Ragdolls Baldivis Cat Breeder Baldivis

Phone: (08) 9534 7017 | 1 Kestrel Close, Halls Head, WA

We are a small family cattery situated in Mandurah in Western Australia, dedicated to raising healthy, well socialised kittens completely content with living indoors. All kittens fully registered and health guaranteed.

Cats Halls Head Ragdolls Halls Head Cat Breeder Halls Head Ragdoll Breeder Halls Head

Phone: 0438 577 976 | Launceston, TAS

Exquisite Oriental and Siamese Cats. We breed for health, temperament and superb type, from top Australian & imported lines. Kittens are wormed, vaccinated and desexed before being sold to approved homes.

Kittens For Sale Launceston
Phone: (07) 5578 2375 Address: 308 Gilston Road, Nerang, QLD

Cat Breeders Nerang

Phone: () Address: , ,

Cat Breeders
Phone: (02) 9651 1607 Address: 45 Cranstons Road, Dural, NSW

Cat Breeders Dural
Phone: (02) 9542 6770 Address: PO Box 505, Sutherland, NSW

Cat Breeders Sutherland
Phone: (07) 4773 3507 Address: Ross River Road, Townsville, QLD

Cat Breeders Townsville
Phone: (02) 9628 7694 Address: 5 Suva Pl, Lethbridge Park, NSW

Cat Breeders Lethbridge Park
Phone: (02) 9651 3567 Address: 664 Old Northern Road, Dural, NSW

Cat Breeders Dural
Phone: (07) 3818 2000 Address: 62 Brisbane Tce, Goodna, QLD

Cat Breeders Goodna
Phone: (07) 5484 6320 Address: , Gunalda, QLD

Cat Breeders Gunalda
Phone: (02) 4572 7458 Address: 10 Fifth Road, Berkshire Park, NSW

Cat Breeders Berkshire Park
Phone: (02) 6295 3931 Address: 47 Jerrabomberra Ave, Narrabundah, ACT

Cat Breeders Narrabundah
Phone: (07) 4788 6637 Address: 77 Esplanade, Macalister Range, QLD

Cat Breeders Macalister Range
Phone: (02) 4956 1859 Address: , North Lambton, NSW

Cat Breeders North Lambton
Phone: (07) 3889 1562 Address: , Whiteside, QLD

Cat Breeders Whiteside
Phone: (02) 4946 9095 Address: , Valentine, NSW

Cat Breeders Valentine
Phone: (02) 4368 2573 Address: 71 Empire Bay Drv, Bensville, NSW

Cat Breeders Bensville
Phone: (02) 9499 4493 Address: 26 Elgin St, Gordon, NSW

Cat Breeders Gordon
Phone: (02) 9569 4329 Address: 296 Stanmore Road, Petersham, NSW

Cat Breeders Petersham
Phone: (07) 3411 1411 Address: , Coopers Plains, QLD

Cat Breeders Coopers Plains
Phone: (02) 6723 1235 Address: Rye Park, Gilgai, NSW

Cat Breeders Gilgai
Phone: (02) 9628 7236 Address: , Tregear, NSW

Cat Breeders Tregear
Phone: (02) 9920 0833 Address: 41 Fullam Road, Blacktown, NSW

Cat Breeders Blacktown
Phone: (07) 4785 5987 Address: , Collinsville, QLD

Cat Breeders Collinsville
Phone: (07) 5484 6320 Address: 2338 Bruce Hwy, Via Gympie, Gunalda, QLD

Cat Breeders Gunalda
Phone: (02) 4969 2711 Address: 74 Donald St, Hamilton, NSW

Cat Breeders Hamilton
Phone: (02) 6543 7529 Address: 250 Halls Road Dartbrook Via, Aberdeen, NSW

Cat Breeders Aberdeen
Phone: 0400 020 207 Address: 1 Dalgety Road, Kangy Angy, NSW

Cat Breeders Kangy Angy
Phone: (02) 6682 2288 Address: Pacific Hwy, Woodburn, NSW

Cat Breeders Woodburn
Phone: (02) 9905 4280 Address: 44 Allenby Park Pde, Allambie, NSW

Cat Breeders Allambie
Phone: (02) 4476 2430 Address: 496 Riverview Road, Narooma, NSW

Cat Breeders Narooma
Phone: (02) 9834 6577 Address: , St Marys, NSW

Cat Breeders St Marys
Phone: (07) 4697 5296 Address: PO Box 2291, Toowoomba, QLD

Cat Breeders Toowoomba
Phone: (02) 6657 2425 Address: 121 Mountain Top Road, Dorrigo, NSW

Cat Breeders Dorrigo
Phone: (02) 6667 3277 Address: 1162 Old Dyraaba Road, Casino, NSW

Cat Breeders Casino
Phone: 0417 370 045 Address: 262 Hermitage Road, Toowoomba, QLD

Cat Breeders Toowoomba
Phone: (02) 9599 6395 Address: , Arncliffe, NSW

Cat Breeders Arncliffe
Phone: (02) 9858 3654 Address: , West Ryde, NSW

Cat Breeders West Ryde
Phone: (07) 4788 8566 Address: Page Road, Alice River, QLD

Cat Breeders Alice River
Phone: (07) 3271 2565 Address: 462 Waterford Road, Ellen Grove, QLD

Cat Breeders Ellen Grove
Phone: (07) 3271 2565 Address: 462 Waterford Road, Ellen Grove, QLD

Cat Breeders Ellen Grove
Phone: 0428 464 630 Address: PO Box 23, Harwood, NSW

Cat Breeders Harwood
Phone: (02) 4392 3644 Address: , Gorokan, NSW

Cat Breeders Gorokan
Phone: (07) 4696 2236 Address: 794 Drayton Connection Road, Toowoomba, QLD

Cat Breeders Toowoomba
Phone: (02) 4782 9812 Address: 72 Highland St, Leura, NSW

Cat Breeders Leura

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