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Phone: (08) 9445 3544 | Unit 2/3 Carbon Court, Osborne Park, WA | Web:

Recom Engineering remanufacture compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration. Recom can remove and re-install where necessary. Specialists in the supply of re-manufactured compressors, new compressors and spare parts Australia Wide

Recom Engineering is based in Osborne Park, Western Australia, and is Australia's only locally-owned compressor manufacturer and remanufacturer. The company was formed in 1984 with the purpose of remanufacturing compressors for the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. It has facilities in Brisbane Perth and Sydney, and provides service all over Australia. Recom Engineering employs a team of specialists, and provides a comprehensive service to users of air conditioning and refrigeration, including:
Undertaking compressor diagnostics,
Remanufacture of pumps, electrical winding of all kinds of AC and DC motors,
Plant room servicing, including removal and reinstallation of compressors.
Recom Engineering is the distributor for of Hitachi Scroll and GFA Air conditioning compressors, which come with an 18-month warranty. The company also supplies the revolutionary Gelair purification product range, which includes Tea Tree oil-based bactericidal and fungicidal products aimed at improving the working environment served by air conditioning systems.Air Conditioning Compressors Osborne Park Compressors Osborne Park

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