Woods Naturopathy

shop 2, 535 Highett Road
Highett, VIC, 3190
0422 908 977
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About Woods Naturopathy

I'm a talented and dedicated Naturopath, mother, and early childhood educator with a Bachelor of health science.
Through naturopathic consultations to support recovery, increased stregnth and energy, I'm dedicated to community, family and individual heal

Opening hours

Wednesday7:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday7:00am - 1:30pm

More Information

naturopathy works to restore harmony and balance in the body/soul/mind by supporting the body's innate ability to heal.
For this reason, natural medicines, diet, nutrition and herbs need to be selected based on your body's individual constitution and situation to ensure you work with rather than against this self healing ability.

Your First Time Naturopathic Consult
In your first consultation, we will gather information about your health story, past history and current symptoms, and everything which tells us about how uniquely your body functions.
This is a chance for the root cause of illness to become evident, and for connections to be made which indicate the right course of action towards wellness.
Essential to natural medicine success is the skill of working with body's innate capacity to restore wellness and balance. A Naturopath uses diagnostic techniques to identify and work with this innate process (which is unique to you) and ensures that we are not working against or over riding this process.

Other Tools during Consultaiton
During consultations many diagnostic skills can be used such as iridology, flower essence readings, nail, hair, skin and tongue analysis.

Iridology is a tool used to gain insight into an individual's:
- personality and character traits,
- family/genetic health disposition, and
- areas of an individuals health which need more support than others.

Through looking at the iris we can learn about the things which make us 'tick' and how best to support our souls and health.

The iris can tell us things unique to each person such as which organs require more care and attention in general, how our bodies react to certain stressors (are you more prone to digestive upset or muscularskeletal issues?), as well as indicate where the body is stuggling. A 'hot spot' will tell us that there is extra activity in the area of the body corresponding to that part of the eye, whereas a 'cold spot' will tell us that there is underactivity in the corresponding area.

Certain deficiencies can be seen in the iris, always needing to be confirmed with questioning and consultation though. In addition, excesses are evident such as excessive mucous production, excessive toxicity in an area, high stress or emotional demand and things which may be building up over time.

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