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About Screen Dopamine

Screen Dopamine allows any business to promote or advertise anything to a specific audience in a variety of formats.

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Screen Dopamine replaces numerous digital marketing channels in the one hit. If you currently rely on older methods like Facebook Ads, Survey Monkey or print catalogues to get your message out there, you'll benefit from consolidating your marketing activity through Screen Dopamine. So how exactly does it work?

Step one: Choose a campaign format
Everything begins from the convenience of your desk. Screen Dopamine is accessible online 24 hours a day -- so you can login and create or manage your marketing campaigns at any time, from any digital device.

The first step is to register your business (you can do this for free by using the form on the right hand side of the page). Once you've verified your account, you'll immediately be able to log in and create your first campaign.

Do you want to increase brand awareness, gain new customers, or learn more about your audience's tastes? Your answer will determine which campaign format is right for you. Keep reading to find out more about the different campaigns we offer.

Step two: Identify your target audience
Specify the characteristics of your ideal customer using an expansive range of demographic criteria -- including age, gender, location and education -- as well as more personal characteristics like shoe or clothing size.

If there's any more unusual criteria you'd like to use (such as 'favourite brand of mobile phone' or 'favourite sport'), simply contact us and we'll add the desired field to our customer profile questionnaire. That's how easy it can be to market your business.

Step three: Set your reward
You decide how many users you'd like to distribute your campaign to, and set the reward amount which they will receive once they view your campaign.

Before your campaign goes live, you'll also be asked to set a security question for your viewers to answer. This is used to ensue a Screen Dopamine users have viewed your content before collecting their reward.

Step four: Upload your content
The final stage to creating a campaign is to upload your content (for instance, your catalogue, e-flyer, survey or video). Once it's online, simply press go. Your campaign will be immediately sent to the Screen Dopamine team for review.

Once your campaign is ready to launch, we'll take care of all the hard work in matching it to your selected audience; ensuring that your promotional campaign only goes to the type of people who are interested in seeing it, 100% of the time.

Campaign formats explained
There's four broad formats to select from in building a Screen Dopamine campaign.

1. Survey campaign

Screen Dopamine makes quality market research accessible to businesses of all sizes. In the past, targeted market research activities (like those conducted by large market research firms) were unaffordable for some businesses. But with Screen Dopamine, you'll have the opportunity to undertake scalable, highly targeted and affordable survey campaigns that are just as effective.

Survey campaigns are useful at every stage of your business journey. In fact, many businesses start here first as a way of learning more about their market and the audience who's most interested in their products. However, you can also use survey campaigns to obtain customer feedback, measure customer satisfaction, and test new products or concepts that you're considering carrying in your store.

2. Video campaign

Video content is the fastest method of sending a message to viewers. Most people process information much more readily through video than any other format because it's quick, engaging and requires minimal effort to view.

Consumers respond particularly well to video Advertising which demonstrates how a product is used -- making this format a great option for online stores, where customers are unable to see or feel a product in person before they purchase it. For instance, an online toy retailer might choose to create a video demonstration of the latest high-tech kids toys that have arrived in store.

3. Image campaigns (JPEG or PDF)

Image-based JPEG campaigns are fantastic for distributing promotional material such as flyers or discount vouchers. They work best when they make a big visual impact, to break up the chunks of text that your audience may be sifting through online.

Here's an example of how a JPEG campaign could work for you: imagine you run a Sydney fashion store, and plan on having a ladies winter clothing sale next month. You decide to distribute a flyer advertising the sale using a Screen Dopamine JPEG campaign, which is sent electronically to everyone in the local area. You could also target specific users based on gender, location, income bracket, dress size and other personal shopping preferences.

Alternatively, you could encourage new customers into your store by distributing a flyer to your target audience offering a 10% discount on their next purchase.

Like JPEG campaigns, PDF campaigns also provide the same eye-catching benefits of visual advertising, but are better suited to longer-format files such as catalogues (which are larger than a single page or image) and portfolios. This makes them an excellent promotional tool for photographers, clothing retailers or any store that offers a range of products that customers like to see before purchasing.

4. Link campaigns

Link campaigns are used to draw people to your business's website or landing page.. Screen Dopamine helps you identify the audience you want to contact, and gives you the tools to bring them to your business' space on the web.

You can also use link-based campaigns to boost your social media followers, shares, or encourage online reviews of your business.

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