Salus Beauty and Day Spa Salon

Suite 18, Top Floor, 74-78 The Corso Manly
Manly, NSW, 2095
(02) 8966 9616
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About Salus Beauty and Day Spa Salon

Salus Beauty and Day Spa Salon in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches openned in March 2002.Salus Beauty provides the best skin care information, full range of skin care treatments and the best body care products for you.Salus will look after your skin.

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Hi I am Dana Bilokapic, owner and founder of Salus Beauty and Day Spa salon at Manly on the northern beaches in Sydney. I would like to share what I have learned over the past 20years working in the skin care and beauty industry as a beauty salon owner and lecturer in skin, cosmetic chemistry and skin compatible ingredients.

The Power of Skin Mind and Health holistic skin care. It is the science of healthy skin and being totally up-to-date with improved methods of scientific skin care and knowledge of product ingredients which are used regularly on hair face and the body. Skin compatible ingredients are the key to achieving effective skin care results.

Ask yourself: Do you look closely at the ingredient label on the products to see what is in them? Or do you just look at the front.
The ingredient label is a good start but there needs to be more detail on the product ingredient label so all ingredients used must be identified not just the major ones. It is in the 'general description' of ingredients such as 'fragrance' where the cosmetic wolf maybe hiding.
Using my experience and knowledge I help de-mystify the vast number of chemical, natural and organic cosmetic products used daily.
I use Miracles Skin care Products containing natural ingredients which are found in the molecular structure of the skin itself and whose effects have been documented and proven to be highly beneficial and work in harmony with the anatomy and physiology of the skin.

At Salus Beauty and Day Spa Salon we believe to achieve visible lasting results for the skin and body it is important to have a decisive, results based program of natural beauty salon treatments, individually prescribed skin care products and a good knowledge of skin care product ingredients.

At Salus we will look after your skin

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