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Level 1, The Dee Why Grand, Suite 4117, 834 Pittwater Road
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As manual therapists we use a 'hands on' approach to therapy.
Massage, deep tissue massage and deep releasing
Joint mobilization
Specific and supervised exercises form an essential part of therapy. We endeavour to have yo

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Our Physiotherapy services use evidence-based treatment with patient education of conditions to maximize benefit.

We use a hands-on approach to therapy in preference to machines, preferring deep tissue massage, joint mobilization and exercise as treatments of choice. However ultrasound, laser and interferential therapy are available in situations where pain relief is necessary prior to the application of manual therapy techniques.

Exercises are prescribed with a view to total body balance and correct posture. Our physiotherapists have good knowledge of core stability through our Pilates training and apply this knowledge to our physiotherapy treatment.
We have two large exercise rooms used for the assessment of injuries and prescription of exercises, sometimes using Swiss balls and other exercise equipment available.

Bene Sloan offers acupuncture as a treatment modality at Northern Beaches Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre.
Acupuncture is being used in conjunction with exercise and manual therapy. It is effective at reducing pain levels, relaxing muscle spasm and improving blood-flow.

These well-documented and researched physiological effects of acupuncture are highly beneficial when combined with physiotherapy techniques such as mobilization, massage, exercise therapy and our popular clinical Pilates program.

We use the finest quality single-use sterile acupuncture needles. The technique is pain free and safe.
Acupuncture has become a popular form of treatment in the community. At Northern Beaches Physiotherapy we can provide our patients with safe and reliable acupuncture to complement our thorough physiotherapy programs.

Expertise: Run by Physiotherapists Catherine Stephens, Katie Jenkins, Francesca Faulkner and Bene Sloan.
Pre-natal Pilates classes and exercise classes for the over 60s are run our Physios too!

Individual care: We are able to modify exercises to cater for individual problems avoiding damaging movements. We provide the benefits of Pilates, while minimising the risk of exacerbating pre-existing injuries or injuries caused through poor understanding and incorrect practice.

Small classes: We ensure a sound understanding of the Pilates concept and specific stabilising muscle system in the first two classes which are either individual intensive half hour or have only 2-4 participants. We assess individual needs and areas of concern. Learning correctly reduces the risk of over loading areas like the lower back or neck.
We prescribe exercises for practice (that don't take up too much time) to ensure maximum benefit and improvement in each class.

Achievable and challenging: Participants then progress to the full group classes (maximum 9 participants). The exercises are designed to be achievable yet challenging to individuals at all levels and ages (9 - 90 years). Exercises are demonstrated as well as instructed clearly and continuously throughout the classes.

Rehabilitation: The Physiotherapists have experience with the treatment of chronic back, neck and shoulder pain and can modify the exercises to benefit those people who feel their ability to exercise is limited by pain.
Large classes prohibit the personal attention and level of expertise necessary for correct practice. Pilates focuses on precise combinations of muscular activation, breathing and movement. Adding the skills and knowledge of Physiotherapists and Pilates is a potent combination attested by the people who have attended our courses and find benefits in reduced pain and improved function.

Pelvic Floor Benefits: Our Female participants have reported improved pelvic floor control, which has improved self-esteem and lifestyle options i.e. tennis!
Some benefits include:
Improved strength of stabilising muscles, namely: Abdominals, Pelvic Floor, Lower back, Buttock, Shoulder girdle (muscles that keep the shoulder back and down) and neck muscles. Participants find their body shape changes, with flatter abdomens a nice side effect!

Improved flexibility throughout the body, particularly the spine and neural structures
Better body awareness and co-ordination
Relaxation: associated with deep breathing and focus
The Physiotherapy and Pilates we provide is evidence-based (supported by research to prove it works) and we keep up with the latest research and treatment techniques with ongoing education.

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