Bell-Rose Academy of Dance

McKinnon Studio: 1 Station Avenue (Scout Hall)
McKinnon, VIC, 3204
(03) 9584 5074
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Dance School, Ballat, Jazz, Tap, Royal Academy of Dance(RAD), Southern Federation of Dance(SFD), Dance Classes, McKinnon, Bentleigh, Caulfield, Brighton, Ormond.

Dance School devoted to high standards in a fun, encouraging environment.

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Dance School devoted to high standards in a fun, encouraging environment.

To dance is not only to move, it is to be moved. It is to be taken by a spirit that is universal and older than language. From joyous silhouettes leaping across the walls of caves to concert halls and street corners, it is a celebration of life which stretches across time.

Nearly two decades ago the Bell-Rose Academy of Dance was born from this inspiration and it hasn't stopped since. In its program of Classical Ballet, it is dedicated to a tradition of enduring beauty and excellence. In its program of Jazz, it expresses the urgencies and evolutions of modern dance.

The Bell-Rose Academy of Dance is devoted to offering the highest standards of dance instruction ensuring that children are taught the correct technique right from the start. Individual attention is given in a positive and encouraging atmosphere; offering a fun and enriching learning experience for the students that dance once or twice a week for the simple pleasure of it, as well as the pre-professional student aspiring to a career in dance.

The Academy offers thorough training in Classical Ballet in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus. The Bell-Rose Academy has developed its own style for Jazz Classes flavored with differing styles of Broadway, Funk and Lyrical to heighten creativity, exploring various Jazz Techniques. Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) Jazz Syllabus Classes and Exams are also offered to higher level student's interested in a career in teaching or looking for that extra challenge. The Academy's Tap Classes follow the Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) Syllabus. The SFD syllabus develops a high level of proficiency and uses a wide variety of music from past eras to present day.

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Bell-Rose Academy of Dance is dedicated to offering the highest standard of dance tuition for children from the age of 3 years, giving individual attention in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

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