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bagd is your Adult Onesie & Kigurumi specialists. Killer adult onesies and animal jumpsuits for the big kid in all of us.

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About Us

We are bagd. We started bagd as a direct result of being cold.

After travelling to Canada and seeing first hand how the pros handle it we decided to bring this masterpiece of wizardry back to Australia.

Enter the onesie. A one piece garment that covers 95% of your shivering body in heat trapping style. Never again shall you need to shiver like you just saw your grandmother in a bikini, never again will you have to worry about matching your pants to your hoodie and never again must you worry about what to wear on your date, formal or wedding...When you're donning a bagd onesie it really doesn't matter how many lemons life throws your way, everything's going to be alllllright.

To start off the collection there will be two distinct styles of onesie. On one had you'll have the adult onesie or one piece jumpsuit and on the other you have the animal onesie also referred to as kigurumi. Neither is more appropriate/inappropriate to wear on any particular day but we can assure you that either one will land you a swag of high fives and likes on facebook.

As we grow, and build our community of Baggers and Bagettes we will endeavor to bring you the latest styles, new materials and shibby colours. Stick around guys cause things are going to start heating up (mean't it)

Here at bagd we like to say "hey cold, F$%K YOU!"


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