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About AusStyle Roofing

AusStyle Metal Roofing Pty Ltd specialises in new metal roofs and metal roof replacements within the NSW Central Coast, Sydney's North Shore and Newcastle areas.
AusStyle Metal roofing can replace any roof with a new Colorbond or Zincalume roof.

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AusStyle Metal Roofing Pty Ltd New Roofs and Roof Replacements

AusStyle Metal Roofing Pty Ltd specialises in new metal roofs and metal roof replacements within the NSW Central Coast, Sydney's North Shore and Newcastle areas.
AusStyle Metal Roofing can replace any roof with a new Colorbond or Zincalume roof.
Most of our clients require domestic re-roofs or industrial and commercial roof replacements.
AusStyle Metal Roofing has come to specialise in roof replacements, through years of experience. Access to properties can often be difficult, the roofs can be steep and properties can be many stories but AusStyle Metal Roofing have all the necessary qualifications to complete the job regardless of difficulty and that includes homes with extensions, which can often be a little unusual in the roofing department!
In short very few roof replacement jobs are the same. AusStyle Metal Roofing has carried out roof reports for customers whose new roofs look worse than the one that was replaced due to selecting the wrong contractor. Don't make the mistake of accepting the quote purely on price! Make sure the roofing contractor is licensed and experienced and that they provide you with the information on the products to be used.
(Asking for local references is one good way to check.)
Check the type of material and its warranty has been included in the quote. There are more and more imported materials these days and whilst most of it probably meets Australian Standards by buying Australian Made Colorbond or Zincalume for your new roof you are guaranteed of the highest quality product.
Australian zincalume comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 20 years and Colourbond's warranty is 25 years. These are tried, tested and proven materials for Australian conditions as well as looking great!

AusStyle Metal Roofing Pty Ltd Guttering

Poor guttering is the main cause of water problems in the home or office and can be as big of a problem as leaking tiles! Sydney and its surrounding regional centres can experience extremely heavy rain and unless you have very well designed and installed guttering, you may have big problems with water disposal. Overflowing gutters due to blockages, not enough downpipes, poor fall and simply too larger catchment area for the size of your gutters can create a very expensive mess through water ingress.
Box gutters are the worst offenders and unless they have been installed correctly with sufficient sumps and overflows they are sure to fail and nearly always causes damage to the inside of your home or premises.
Eave gutters are the most common type of gutters on homes and in theory, as they are on the outside edge of your roof they should not cause too much damage when they overflow. However, if they have not been installed correctly they can also cause significant damage as the water can get into the eave or into the wall. Sometimes this shows up as rising damp or even causes problems with the foundations of the home.
At AusStyle Metal Roofing we take a lot of care in our guttering and being Licensed Roof Plumbers we are able to work out the flow rates and the requirements of your gutters.
Down pipes should be based on the 1:100 rainfall for your exact area. There are many different solutions to guttering problems including: extra downpipes, larger gutters, specially designed flashings, overflow outlets, correct fall on the gutter, gutter guard, sumps and rainwater heads. There is always a solution to an overflowing gutter problem.
Having fixed so many problems with gutters AusStyle Roofing has become experts in selecting the right rainwater products to use and how to install them correctly thus making sure we "Get it right the first time!"

AusStyle Metal Roofing Pty Ltd Roof Repair

Roof repairs can be very simple, extremely difficult or anywhere in between. They can be very successful and sometimes a complete waste of time and money. Most roof repairs are temporary in nature.
The first step in fixing a leak is to find out exactly what is causing the leak. Finding this can sometimes take longer than doing the actual repair! Basically, if the roofing contractor is not totally sure he found the cause, he probably didn't and any work that was done was done in vain.
Finding the exact cause of the leak cannot be understated in importance. But doing the repairs properly is also very important. Non-standard repairs such as waterproofing materials or loads of sealant (silicone) on metal roofs is a bad idea and can often end up making the problem worse or create a new problem. Sealants have their place, but the average roof repairman or handyman will tend to go overboard so it is important to get someone who knows what they are doing.
The other thing to consider is cost. Yes, a roof repair will generally be cheaper than a roof replacement but why not get a quote for both. You may find that a roof replacement is a better option and more cost effective in the long run!

AusStyle Metal Roofing Pty Ltd Asbestos Removal

Asbestos fibre cement sheeting was a very popular roofing material for a long time in Sydney and all over Australia until it was discovered that it is a toxic substance. For this reason, you really need responsible and licensed professionals to dispose of it correctly. When an asbestos roof sheet is broken or badly weathered, the tiny invisible fibres are released into the air and can be breathed in, stick on your clothes or other products around the house and be inhaled at a later time by you or someone you love. There are very strict guidelines and OHS regulations, which are enforceable by law. These govern how asbestos is to be handled. Asbestos removal is certainly something you want done properly and is something that AusStyle metal Roofing does with complete professionalism by an experienced licensed asbestos removalist.
Because the rules regarding Asbestos removal are only getting tougher (making the process even more involved and expensive) there has never been a better time to get rid of that old asbestos roof. They can be very difficult to repair (as you cannot break, cut or drill into it) so really, your best option is to replace it with a new Colorbond or Zincalume roof.
Stop worrying about your Asbestos roof and get it replaced. Once it is gone, you will have added value to your property and more importantly made it a much safer place to live or work.

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