A Very Handy Man

Brisbane, QLD
Ipswich, QLD, 4305
0437 010 223
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About A Very Handy Man

Handyman jobs 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Fix a leaky faucet.
Locate a stud.
Unclog a sink.
Hardwire a light fixture.
Stop an overflow toilet.
Install a door knob.
Wall hangings.
Kit and flatpack

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A Very Handy Man: Ipswich and Brisbane Areas, QLD
Handyman Services 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Some of what I do:

Fix a leaky faucet. A leaky faucet at night can be torture.
Locate a stud. Not the kind on two legs (lol). And not by thumping on the wall.
Unclog a sink. Manually not with Drano.
Hardwire a light fixture.
Stop an overflow toilet.
Install a door knob.
Painting: If you want to paint a room but don't feel it's a large enough job for a professional painter.
Wall hangings: Hanging paintings, mirrors, TVs and other heavy objects can be tricky and even dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.
Cleaning: Driveway, pathway or patio floor with a pressure hose to remove mould, dirt and grime and make it look like new again.
Gardening: a multitude of gardening jobs.
Carpentry: Do you need to hang some shelves or have a new door fitted? I can erect a shed, cubby house or other small structure for you.
Kit and flatpack installation: Carports, kitchen cabinets, furniture and many other things often come in kit or flatpack form. I have the tools and skills to install these for you.


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