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About 10/10 Tutoring

10/10 Tutoring provides research-based, high quality, indiv. programs within the Aust Curriculum.
K-Year12 English, Maths, Prep & Naplan Readiness, adult literacy in South Brisbane & Logan areas.
We get back to basics, build up confidence and get RESULT

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10/10 tutoring and Educational Services
RESULTS speak for themselves

Our Mission Statement:
With commitment, passion and expertise, we give a "leg up" for everyone to reach their potential:
Near enough, is just NOT good enough!


Kindergarten, Prep and Year 1
* "Jump Start 2 Prep" Early Childhood Readiness to Prep Program - 3.5 to 5 years old
* Oral, Pre-reading, Pre-writing, Pre-number
* "FAST Track Prep" Program - enhance the Prep program to its fullest
* "Let's Play Catch-up" - basic skills and foundational building blocks for Preps and Year 1
* Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills
• Current Australian Curriculum guidelines, expectations and standards

Years 2 to Year 6
* High Quality English Programs - Reading and Comprehension, Writing, Spelling and Word
Study within the National Curriculum guidelines
* Maths - Basic Number Facts and Strategies, All strands of National Curriculum, Problem
Solving, Investigative Maths (Real-life)
* NAPLAN Readiness and Practise Programs
* "Hand'n Hand Homework Help" - supporting the homework load.

Years 6 to 12
* Middle School and Secondary/High School English Programs within National Curriculum
* Middle School and Secondary/High School Maths Programs within National Curriculum
* Assignment Writing
* NAPLAN Readiness and Practise Programs
* Class program, homework and assignment support.
* "Hand'n Hand Homework Help" - supporting the homework load.

All Programs are:-
• research-based and within the Explicit Teaching Practise format
• planned within identified challenges of Individual Diagnostic Assessment results
* directly linked to the basic foundational building blocks of literacy and numeracy
Back to Basics + increased confidence = RESULTS

Adult Literacy
• English and Maths Programs for mature-aged students (Year 11/12. Tafe,)
* Adult Literacy Support for adults needing to strengthen reading and writing skills for
everyday tasks, eg. Filling out forms, understanding and paying bills, reading notices, etc

Professional Programs and Services
* "How to Help my Child Learn" Parent program of today's educational approach and how to
support your child through the school years.
* Professional Development for Pre-service teachers
* Professional Development for Returning to Work and Contract Teachers
* Professional Development Practising Teachers needing inservice hours accreditation
• Educational Consultations and Coaching Services for Private and State Schools


10/10 Tutoring emerged round the dining table as a favour to a neighbour who referred a friend, who..and so on. With 35 years experience in various teaching, leadership roles, co-authoring the award winning iMaths series as well as being a trained educational consultant, provides for a unique and successful system of cutting-edge practise and resource. We believe everyone can learn and they DO!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need tutoring?
This question requires you, who knows your child best, to ask yourself the following:-

* Is my child struggling to keep up with class work?
* Does my child understand and independently do, homework?
* Is my child anxious or lack confidence in his/her abilities?
* Has my child switched off; not engaged and/or has behaviour issues in class?
* Does my child have learning challenges or simply needs a little more time with new work?
* Are there gaps in my child's knowledge base?
* Is the class program too rushed for my child's pace of learning?
* Does my child become easily distracted in the classroom setting, missing out on learning
* Is the class program at a higher level than where my child is operating?
* Has my child had high absences due to illness or undetected hearing and vision challenges?
* Are the early foundational blocks of literacy and numeracy in adequately developed?
* Has my child's scores and report suffered since the introduction of the National Curriculum?

# Do you provide individual programs?
All students are unique and come with their own personality, learning style, strengths and challenges. We approach each student's learning requirements based on this as well as information gleaned from assessment results .
When possible, we work with class or subject teachers, to provide continuity and ensure that we are supporting work being covered in class. This provides for a very supportive and purposeful learning experience in context with what students need to work on in class for improved outcomes.

# I don't know exactly what support my child needs. I just know that he/she is struggling with their work. Do you identify the specific challenge areas? How?
Rather than "stabbing in the dark" to find your child's gaps and weaknesses; both wasting time and money, our first meeting is a short getting-to-know you chat followed by individual, comprehensive and diagnostic assessments.
The diagnostic tools used are recognised, current, cutting-edge tools, used in progressive and effective schools.
After these are marked and analysed, the identified areas needing support will become the focus for a recommended individual program.
A report and discussion will follow, outlining the proposed program.

# Do you have individual or group sessions?
With the many years of working with students to enhance learning outcomes, we have found that most students are motivated and work more productively when working along side their peers. Our group sizes are kept to a maximum of 3 to 4 students, working at a similar level. In this context, students tend to be motivated and bounce off each other during any focused component of the session. This camaraderie develops confidence, provides an element of fun, allows for a variety of interesting tasks and activities, and promotes a desire to do well. A bonus aspect also, is that students look forward to working with their 10/10 Tutoring friends, making learning a positive experience.
Although, students may be in small groups, they, by no means, miss out on explicit individual teaching episodes with their tutor.
As we all have varied needs, some students need the one on one approach so individual tutoring sessions are available providing the best learning experience for one and all. To determine the best option for your child, we will discuss the details at our introductory meeting, or after Assessment results have been processed.

# Do you use computers?
We DO NOT use computerised, one-size-fits-all programs at our professional practice. That is totally against our educational principles, and, what we stand and are known for. We cater for individual needs, learning styles and encourage students taking responsibility for their own learning.
Researched evidence shows that technology is an extremely useful and powerful tool for motivating and providing differentiation options for students' learning journey. Consequently, technology is selectively used for very short periods of time, for specific and purposeful reasons. Our webpage also provides some useful educational activities and recommended websites students can assess at home, to vary their learning experience. There is no denying that educational technology can be a very enjoyable way of painless learning.

# Will there be any homework?
Homework has been a controversial debate forever, and still remains as such. We do provide students with follow-up activities and encourage them to practise lessons covered during the week. As expected, revising work covered between tutoring session, will consolidate learning and therefore, accelerate positive learning outcomes. Ideally, lessons will be directly based around class work and many times, we are able to "kill 2 birds with one stone" by using eg class spelling words, number facts to be learnt, or work on a written text/assignment, as homework.
There is no consequence for tutoring homework not being completed; simply that "practice makes perfect" and the more we do, the better we get, in a shorter period of time.

# How much are the tuition fees?
As there are so many variables, it is best to have this conversation once, together we determined your child's needs and a suitable program to start on. A phone conversation can provide us with the details necessary to start the ball rolling and book an assessment for your child. There is no time like the present; education is a life-long investment.


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