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Australian Capital Territory: an overview

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), is the smallest self-governing internal territory and is situated in bushland. In 2006, the census found the population of the ACT to be 333,667. This territory has the highest educated population out of everywhere else in Australia, with 4.5% of the population having a postgraduate degree, compared to 1.8% for the rest of the population.

Canberra is a beautiful pre-planned city which was created to be the capital of Australia. The land is rugged, with many hills, mountains and trees. New South Wales surrounds the ACT from every side. Belconnen is the second town centre of Canberra. In 2006, the population of Belconnen was approximately 85,000. It is larger than many provincial cities in Australia. Other areas in the ACT include Woden, Deakin, Fyshwick, Manuka and Yarralumla.

The town to the southern end of Canberra is Tuggeranong, which has approximately 88,000 people. This part of Canberra is contained within a valley, and many Aboriginal paintings and artifacts have been discovered here. This area of Canberra has a three-storey mall and shopping complex. It also is the home of the Tuggeranong Hyperdome.


The climate is highly varied due to its elevation and distance from the sea. The winters can be quite cold, with frosts and fog, and the summers can be hot and dry. Some of the taller mountains can receive a large snow fall in winter, which means that they are great for skiing.

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